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Rules & Regulations
1. The passenger should report at the boarding point at least 30 minutes before departure time with the ticket. Failing to do so will mean the ticket stands automatically cancelled.
2. The fare prevailing on the date of journey will be applicable even if the tickets are booked in advance. The difference in fares will be collected at the time of the journey.
3. The reservation coupon will be collected at the reporting counter in exchange of the boarding pass. Upon receiving the boarding pass it is the passenger’s responsibility to seek the right bus and board. It is not advisable to go move away from the boarding point and if for any reason the passenger misses the bus the company is not responsible for such failures.
4. The management reserves the right to cancel/modify the seat allotment or programme without assigning any reasons or prior notice.
5. The company may postpone or reschedule or cancel the journey due to unforeseen contingencies which are beyond its control. Fare will be refunded only in case of cancellation by the company.
6. It is required that the passengers will behave in a reasonable sensible and lawful manner and shall not use abusive or threatening words or behave in a manner which may cause discomfort inconvenience damage or injury to the other passengers or to the vehicle or obstruct the company staff in performing their duties.
7. The company does not accept any responsibility for any delay or inconvenience during the journey due to breakdown of the vehicle or any other reason beyond the control of the company.
8. The company does not accept any responsibility for any injury or damage caused by any accident to any passenger.
9. All extra provisions inside the coach are only for better amenities and travel comforts. If any such systems malfunctions or fails, no compensation shall be claimed.
10. The scheduled journeys are subjected to delays, postponement or cancellation due to break-down and repair of vehicles, inclement weather, bad road conditions and or unforeseen reasons. In case of scheduled journey cancellations under pressing circumstances the full fare will be refunded by the booking office, which issued this Reservation coupon/ Boarding pass Cash receipt.
11. The loss, theft or damage to the luggage or other belongings of the passengers, while in transit, are solely at the risk of passengers.
12. Only permissible goods of the passengers will be permitted to be carried in the vehicle Maximum 20 kgs.
13. No pets are allowed on board.
14. Children above three years will be charged and no single half ticket will be entertained.
15. Smoking & Consumption of Alcohol is prohibited on board.
16. Passenger should not carry any goods like weapons, smuggled goods, inflammables, drugs, Liquor, and or any other item prohibited by law. For any violation the passenger alone will be responsible for facing all the consequences arising out of any violations and the company will not accept any responsibility.
17. Joining the group en-route is allowed at specified boarding points to passengers who make advance reservation at the Booking Office (Originating Point). This is done solely at passenger's request and risk. Passengers are not entitled for any refund or compensation if the passenger misses the coach for any reason whatsoever.
18. For cancellation of tickets irrespective of the duration of the journey.
Cancellation Policy :
i)Before 24 Hours from the Departure Time: 15% Penalty.
ii)Between 24 to 3 Hours from Departure Time: 25% Penalty.
iii)Between 3 to 2 Hours from Departure Time: 50% Penalty.
iv)Within 2 Hours from Departure Time: 100 % Penalty (No Refund).
v)Departure time in cancellation policy is calculated from the starting point and NOT from in-between boarding points.

19. For Online tickets after cancellation the money would be refunded directly to the account and cannot be adjusted for another ticket.
20. For Online failed transactions the money would be refunded directly to the customer account and cannot be adjusted or used for another transaction.
21. The personal information submitted at the time of booking will be kept confidential.

In case of Booking through Credit Card

1.Passengers must have to produce original Identity proof to verify and the Photo Copy to submit at the time of boarding, without which he will not be allowed to travel, no refund for the same.
2.The personal informations submitted for ticket will be kept confidential.
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