Introducing the new SRM ‘Comfort Bus’ with toilet facility. “Experience luxury at economical prices”

For the safety of passengers, all Service Leaders undergo a Service Proficiency Course. The course emphasis is on safe driving, customer service and service proficiency. Service Leaders who do not meet our safety requirements are required to attend a Driving Enhancement Course. For passengers’ peace of mind, all buses are fitted with safety features such as speed limiters, interlocking devices that prevent the bus from moving when the doors are not properly closed, and door sensitive edges that causes the door to automatically re-open when the door edges come into contact with passengers.
To educate and remind Service Leaders on good driving habits, we run safety videos at our depots & interchanges. Through the fleet management system, we are able to communicate safety messages to the Service Leader and alert them to accident prone areas. We educate commuters on courteous and safe behaviour when travelling with SMRT through the annual SMRT Courtesy and Safety Programme planned.
For the convenience and safety of elderly and less mobile passengers, we have placed designated seats nearer the exit doors. To ensure uncompromised security at our bus interchanges, we engaged Transit Security guards to patrol the premises.